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The government of the State of Jalisco is currently working, through the Ministry of Planning and Civil Participation, to align State level policy efforts and civil society initiatives towards a more integrated response in face of a range of current State, economic, social and environmental challenges. As participatory approaches have been promoted to integrate civil society in decision making at a policy level, the next challenge is to design and implement institutional models to enable the participatory design and implementation of novel solutions for systemic change from within communities. 

We are looking for an individual - or an organisation with thematic expertise on policy innovation, international development, systems change - is sought to curate content and speakers for implement, an online capacity building workshop; and to support follow up activities such as virtual stakeholders’ dialogues and action plans development.

What are we looking for?

  • Consultancy services for the Institutional Strengthening Programme (ISP) in the state of Jalisco

Find below the required documents to send your proposal.