This is just a sample of the more than fifty people who make our work possible at the British Council in Mexico. We are a young and diverse group of professionals with more than ten nationalities represented in our staff, including Mexico, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain, United States, Romania, South Africa and Australia.

Meet the team

Pilar Aramayo Prudencio

Director, English

Pilar is our Director, English. Her daily activities are aimed at professionalizing the English language teaching in Mexico, including strategic collaboration work with governments and educational institutions, design, development and implementation of teacher training programmes, and organization of events for English language teaching professionals. 

Keri Craig

Teaching Centre Manager

Keri is responsible for business performance and sustainability of our English Schools in Mexico City and Monterrey and is looking for opportunities to extend our network across the country. She ensures the development of appropriate products and services to English School customers and clients and is committed to delivering the highest quality teaching and courses.

Liliana Carral

Liliana Carral

Head of Education

Liliana is responsible for our education strategy and leads the team in charge of delivering our education projects which include activities around UK Education Promotion, Higher Education Dialogues, support for researchers in Mexico and the UK, capacity building at schools and vocational education, language assistants exchanges and Premier Skills. 

Edgardo Bermejo

Edgardo Bermejo

Director of Arts

Edgardo Bermejo is in charge of the design and implementation of the artistic and cultural agenda of the British Council, which comprises various schemes of collaboration with Mexican institutions in this area, as well as building bridges of cooperation between artistic communities of Mexico and UK.