This is just a sample of the more than fifty people who make our work possible at the British Council in Mexico. We are a young and diverse group of professionals with more than ten nationalities represented in our staff, including Mexico, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain, United States, Romania, South Africa and Australia.

Meet the team

Pilar Aramayo, Directora de Inglés para Sistemas de Educación

Pilar Aramayo

English for Education Systems Director

Pilar is responsible for establishing collaborative alliances with relevant governmental areas, in order to support projects of teacher education in the country and the professionalization of English teaching in México.

Patricia Millán

Patricia Millán

Head of Higher Education Distance Programmes

First as Executive Officer, and later as Executive & Special Projects Manager, Patricia is responsible for leading the global operation of the Master’s Degree in Language Teaching developed collaboratively by the British Council and the University of Southampton.

Liliana Sanchez Country Exams Manager

Liliana Sánchez

Country Exams Manager

Liliana is responsible for the International Exams area, which offers a wide United Kingdom portfolio of certifications, including ELTS and Aptis; contributing with the international mobility and the English language teaching professionalization in México.

Iveth Pompa

Iveth Pompa

Head of Basic Education

Iveth is responsible for the management of English Teaching Projects for public educational systems and auto-access programmes at the British Council Mexico. She is also accountable for their supervision and coordination, supporting at the selection and recruitment of the trainers and consultants.

Keri Craig

Teaching Centre Manager

She is responsible for the business performance and sustainability of our teaching centres and is looking for opportunities for longer term growth of the core business in Mexico City.  She ensures development and implementation of appropriate products and services for the Mexico market and is committed to delivering the highest quality teaching and courses.

Jennifer Cosgrave Head of Society in Mexico

Jennifer Cosgrave

Head of Society

Jennifer is responsible for our Society strategy and programmes which seek to contribute to more inclusive, open and prosperous communities, working alongside people and organisations to help bring about positive changes in Mexico, the region and ultimately the world.  She builds understanding and trust between communities by establishing an enduring global network of community leaders, who can work together to address the global issues of the 21st century.

Edgardo Bermejo

Edgardo Bermejo

Head of Arts

Edgardo is responsible for the cultural and artistic agenda of the British Council in Mexico, as well as the establishment of collaborative relations between artistic communities of Mexico and the United Kingdom. In 2015 he was in charge of the cultural programme “2015: The Year of the UK in Mexico” and the participation of the UK as the guest of honour at the Guadalajara International Book Fair.