What is creative economy?

It is a subsector of the economy that encompasses all activities that transform ideas into goods and services that can be subject to intellectual property. All economic activities that use talent and skills as the main resource of the business model.

They include three main concepts:

  • Traditional and artistic activities - part of the cultural economy: museums, heritage, traditions, etc.
  • Creative industries - observable economic units: fashion, software, theatre, videogames, music, etc.
  • Creative services - creativity "contracted" for other services: design, branding, advertising, research and development, etc.

The United Kingdom pioneered the concept of creative industries in 1999. Today, they represent 5.4% of the UK economy and are part of a global market of £ 2.25 billion and represent one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

In Mexico there is no established figure for the whole of the creative economy, however, according to INEGI figures, the culture GDP in 2017 was estimated at $661.5 billion pesos, 3.2% of the country's GDP.

What is Creative Collective?

It is our new programme that supports the creative economy with social impact in Mexico drawing from the experiences of the United Kingdom. It is a comprehensive programme focused on strengthening the capacities of different actors in the creative economy, divided in three main strands:

  • Young creators - through the Creative Enterprise Programme for young creative / social entrepreneurs.
  • Creative leaders - through the Creative Leadership Programme for cultural, creative and social leaders managing projects that challenge the limits of social / cultural / creative management.
  • Policy - through the Creative Policy Programme to strengthen the capacities of public servants directly involved in the management of social, creative and cultural projects in the public sphere.

Besides capacity building across these three strands, Creative Collective includes a number of other activities, including conferences, seminars and public forums, as well as new research on creative economy through open publications.

When and where will this take place?

Creative Collective is a three year programme (2019-2021) with locations in different cities across Mexico. Updates will be published here.

Current activities: