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The British Council’s global social enterprise programme draws on the UK experience in social enterprise to promote its growth around the world. We build capacity in the sector, forge international networks, and support policy leaders to create ecosystems in which social enterprise and social investment can thrive.  

This consultancy is expected to bring UK expertise on Social Enterprise to carry out research activities related to the status of integration of Mexican Higher Education Institutions and the wider Social Enterprise ecosystem. 


  • To update on the status of HEIs contributions to Social Enterprise initiatives in Mexico, as well as their participation on international and multinational collaborations. 
  • To identify HE institutional / HE-system policy innovations designed to open spaces for Universities or Research Centres to integrate SE as a strategy to engage with non-HE communities. 
  • To determine how HEIs are prioritizing financial, technical, physical, and human resources, as well as networks, knowledge, and expertise to consolidate their participation in SE related programmes and activities. 
  • To analyse HEIs best practices on assessing the impact of SE activity, from the academic perspective (students, staff) and from the external community engagement perspective. 
  • To identify relevant challenges for HEIs to actively participate in the promotion of social value, with a focus on SE from an institutional perspective. 


For this exploratory study consultants are expected to perform a desk-based analysis including of British Council recent publications and other existing national and international literature available. Surveys and interviews should then be performed to complement available data and to contribute to deliver relevant information around the interactions between Higher Education and Social Enterprise both at an institutional and system levels. Findings should be useful to guide conversations and decision making around the future of the sector.


An individual - or an organisation - with thematic expertise on social enterprise, higher education, international development, systemic change is expected to submit: 

  • A research design proposal subject to British Council approval, to perform an exploratory analysis and to present a preliminary report on collected data and findings; and 
  • A content proposal for a final report which will include curated content on initial findings, an additional data collection / analysis exercise if pertinent, final conclusions and institutional / policy recommendations. 


Contract will have a duration of approximately 4 months, with a total value equivalent to up to £30,000.


  • Response submission deadline: 20 November 2020 / 22:00 UK time 
  • Final decision: 24 November 2020 
  • Contract start date: 4 December 2020