At the British Council we hire the best teachers as we believe they are the key to good learning. Our highly qualified teachers, with many years of experience, understand the different needs and interests of our adult students, encourage them to participate actively in the learning process and help them to make the most of their potential.

In order to maintain the high quality of English language teaching, our teachers also dedicate time to their own professional development through training and other approved teacher qualification courses. This ensures that our students learn from experts who can make classes attractive, fun and effective.

Meet our teachers:


Milton Bradbury

Adult Courses Coordinator

  • Qualifications: Milton grew up in Ealing, a leafy suburb in west London and has lived and taught English in London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Monterrey and Mexico City. He is currently working on his Delta qualification in teaching.
  • Experience: He specialises in developing speaking and listening skills using authentic materials.
  • Hobbies: Milton spends his free time watching live music, attempting to dance cumbia, cooking and visiting as much of Mexico as possible. 

Bella Szyszkowska

Adults Teacher

  • Qualifications: Bella is from London. She has taken the CELTA and is currently completing the TYLEC and DELTA.  
  • Experience: Her teaching experience began teaching ESOL in London where she taught adults and teenagers for almost five years. She then moved to Ecuador to teach in Quito before moving to Mexico.  
  • Hobbies: Bella originally studied art and now writes and illustrates children’s books. She also likes printing, painting and causing a mess!
Sasha Collie

Sasha Collie

Adults Teacher

  • Qualifications:  Sasha is a CELTA-certified English teacher with a BSc biology from Western University in Ontario, Canada. She has been to twelve Mexican states and ten countries and is currently completing the Trinity TYLEC, a young learner teaching certification course.
  • Experience: Sasha has over three years of teaching experience in the Bahamas and Mexico.
  • Hobbies: When she’s not busy travelling or teaching, she enjoys reading science fiction and learning to salsa dance.