Woman and man sitting and holding computers on their laps with a background text reading "It's time to be connected"
We have gathered our free content so that you can continue to learn and enjoy from home.

Today we are facing a challenge. This is a moment to remember all that excites us, inspires us and encourages us, for when we are together it is easier to move forward. At British Council we understand this, we stay connected with you to be there for when you need it most.

When we are united, we achieve great opportunities, projects and initiatives that transform and inspire lives and show us that each one of us has a unique talent, capable of shine and inspire. We are still here, because every challenge is best to overcome it together and now we must prove it.

So we want you to get excited and get to know some projects that motivate us and remind us that resilience and optimism have no limits, as each of the collaborators who have been part of these projects.  Get to know their stories, enjoy them and share them, because sharing in these moments connects us, and we will all get through this together!

English motivates us

Connect with the best of English, strengthen your skills and enjoy hundreds of free content from home.


Find out your level of English

Review your English skills with our test content. Go ahead and connect with English!


We are inspired by diversity!

Stories of equality, diversity and inclusion. Which remind us of the importance of integration to building better places.



Culture Connects Us

Connect with the best of culture. Learn how communities showcase their talent through artistic displays.


  • Sound Journeys: An enriching exploration of Canada's contemporary cultural landscape.

  • Ellipsis: Immerse yourself in a fascinating reading, getting to know the stories of our Ellipsis 2019 participants.

  • Could design save the world?: The Planet is shouting for change. Learn how the fashion industry is fighting the excess

Rhythms of life

Music inspires, motivates and connects the best of cultures. Enjoy some of the projects that have allowed us to reach new territories.


  • Selector Radio: A selection of the UK's best emerging talent for you to enjoy with your headphones.

  • Re Activa QK Radio: A program/sound archive of queer music from Latin America by British Council Mexico & Onda Mundial. Every Tuesday from 7 to 9pm with Ali Gua Gua and Diana Junyent through Onda Mundial's Facebook.

Stories of Change

Let yourself be inspired by the best work that some communities develop and that allows to build more opportunities for all.


  • Active Citizens: The inspiration of the participants has allowed to motivate and achieve incredible transformations in several countries.
  • Storytelling for Peace Building: Peace builds roads. Be inspired by stories of resilience and change in Colombia through the first digital comic book for peace.

  • Backstage to the Future: Caribbean: Music builds opportunity. Connect with the stories and talent of the Caribbean.

Education Connects Us

We support teachers and educators with free content to continue shaping the future of their countries.