Saturday 18 October 2014 -
12:00 to 23:59
Plaza Mexiamora, Guanajuato, México.

The 42nd edition of Cervantino International Festival confirms its importance and heritage by combining the best of Mexico and the world in the areas of music, theatre, and dance. Two main themes govern this edition: The first one, Shakespeare 450, arises in celebration of the 450 years since the English writer was born and a homage to his work, wisdom and transcendence. The second one, Frontiers, seeks to reflect about the territorial limits and ideological, moral and economic frontiers between artistic genres.

The theater of the 16th century was a theater open to all social classes, in which a different message was transmitted to each of these through the same performance. Making the most of the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare, a playwright of the aforementioned century, the Festival Internacional Cervantino reformulates this social function that makes theater a public and open space; nowadays not just in the reception of the plays and the audiences they are addressed to, but also in their staging.

Through Ruelas Project, the FIC has raised four theater companies in the marginal communities of the State of Guanajuato, which are formed by members of the same settlements. They have prepared, for this 42nd edition of the Festival, fragments of Shakespeare’s plays that have been adapted by the community members themselves.

This is one of the programs that the Festival Internacional Cervantino has displayed for the purpose of bringing the art that traditionally has been circumscribed to an elite closer to other sectors of society, including the most disadvantaged.


Public Event.

Free Entrance.

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