“Skills have a profound relationship with economic and social outcomes... [They are] key to tackling inequality and promoting social mobility.”

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2012).

In countries around the world, youth unemployment and skills gaps are threatening the growth of economies, the stability of societies and the wellbeing and prospects of individuals. We build trust and international opportunities that support efforts to enhance the skills and employability of young people. 

Our Approach

Our work in skills and employability encourages closer links between education, employers and policy makers in the UK and worldwide to enhance the employability of individuals, particularly young people and disadvantaged groups.

Creating meaningful connections

We create opportunities to connect, share ideas and collaborate:

  • In support of policy reform and system transformation. We facilitate seminars, study tours and policy dialogue, hold an annual Going global conference, and share research such as our Culture at work report.
  • Between organisations through our international skills partnerships
  • To help young people develop employability skills through international exchanges, scholarships, internships and opportunities to study overseas

We work with:

  • O
  • National and governmental bodies with a role in skills education
  • Colleges and training providers and their representative bodies
  • Awarding bodies and their representative organisations
  • Sector Skills organisations and other employer representatives
  • Corporations and other employers with an interest in skills and employability

Collaborate with us

In our role as the UK’s cultural relations organisation, we collaborate with a wide range of UK and global organisations with shared goals. This allows us to facilitate educational cooperation and create opportunities that address global skills challenges. 

We collaborate through building partnerships and relationships. These allow us to share research and expertise, facilitate dialogue and partnerships, and engage a wide network of individuals and organisations. Our collaboration enhances our collective impact on youth employability.