We are going through a change of paradigm – from a selective education system to an inclusive one.

Education should be inclusive at all levels and ensure the access, participation and progress of every and each child, including children and teenagers with disabilities.

Inclusive Education means all students can fully participate in any mainstream school, college or university. It is a process of addressing and responding to the diverse needs of all learners.

Since English is being taught in most schools and universities, it plays a crucial role in the design of an inclusive curriculum.

Many of us educators believe in inclusive education. However, it is very important to know what it really means and what it implies. Despite the fact that this belief has been around for many years, facts and figures show that there is still much to be done. In this talk I will:

• explain the global situation regarding inclusion in education.

• discuss the concept of inclusive education, its true meaning, what it is and what it implies.

• explain what is needed to implement it.

• give some practical ideas on how we can design our programmes and plan our classes.

• go over some success stories.

The main objective of this talk is to clarify the concept and hopefully help directors of studies, teachers and all stakeholders overcome their fears by showing different ways of implementing it and sharing stories of success.

About the Speaker: 

Mercedes Viola is an architect with an MA in TESOL, specialized in curriculum design, evaluation and inclusion. She has three children and is based in Uruguay, South America.

Director and co-founder of 4D Content English http://4d.edu.uy/ , responsible for the design and implementation of language learning experiences for government-owned organizations, universities and many well-known global companies.

Co-founder of ProEdu Educacion Inclusiva http://proeduinclusiva.org.uy/, in charge of supporting the inclusion of kids with disabilities in mainstream education, leading cultural transformation in educational institutions and teacher training.

Co-founder of DAlliance https://www.dalliancexxi.com/, whose mission it is to help people and organizations develop an authentic and sustainable inclusive culture. International speaker in the area of business English, curriculum design and inclusive education.

TEDx speaker (La educación nos incluye a todos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFNIgg4e780 ) and speaker at the first FiiS (Festival Internacional de Innovación

Social) held in Uruguay.

Member of the IATEFL Electronic Committee, IATEFL BESIG Online Team, and active member of the IPSENSIG (Inclusive Practice and Special Education NeedsSpecial Interest Group)

Member of the Academic Committee of Eduy21, a citizen initiative that promotes the transformation of the educational system in Uruguay towards quality and equitable education. Member of the Executive Committee of Sistema B Uruguay.