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You can register for one or more classes, choose the ones you prefer!

What is myClub?

myClub is a series of weekly sessions additional to our English courses to which you can join to develop your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, as well as your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Or you can join our conversation classes where you can chat about life. 

We have opened these activities to everyone so that you too can become part of the British Council community, get to know our teachers and our teaching methodology.

Our team of teachers come from Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, India, South Africa and European Union countries. All teachers are certified English speakers (C2 in the Common European Framework).

What are the activities in myClub extra?

  • Con Café - Develop your fluency on a range of topics, improve your confidence and meet other students over a lovely cup of coffee.  
  • Grammar Doc - Confused by grammar? Build up your knowledge by practising in real-life contexts.
  • Vocab Builder - Do you struggle to find the right words? Develop your range of vocabulary in this practical session to help you say what you mean and mean what you say!
  • Pron Prof - English pronunciation can be a real nightmare. This workshop helps you to work on your pronunciation so that you can understand others and others can understand you better.
  • Music Lounge - Discuss, analyse and listen to different musical genres in this themed workshop. Develop your listening skills, learn the meaning of lyrics, and discover new music.
  • Mindfulness  - Focus your attention and reflect. With regular practice, you can experience a sense of spaciousness, freedom and well-being. This helps us learn by inhibiting distraction and stress.
  • IELTs speaking -Learn tips for a successful IELTS speaking exam. Practise and gain feedback from experienced IELTS teachers.
  • Job Interview Skills -Practise for a job interview. Learn useful phrases and tips to prepare for your dream job!
  • Business Skills – Now we are all working online, learn useful skills for having a video conference call.
  • Uni Application Writing – Learn how to plan and structure your personal statement for university.
  • Breakfast Club – Come and have a chat and a coffee and practise your English in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Book Club - Discuss and analyse a short story, give your opinion and learn new vocabulary!
  • Student Committee -Join our student committee for a chat and some fun!