Shakespeare Lives

Join us to celebrate Shakespeare Day Live on 22–23 April

Join us as the stars shine to celebrate Shakespeare.

Exploring English: free online course

Learning English? Love Shakespeare? Put the two together and study with people from all over the world.

Julius Caesar featuring Mark Stanley and Tony Osoba

Watch our contemporary adaptation of Julius Caesar (Duration 03:17), with Mark Stanley starring as the conspiring Brutus.

Star Cross'd - Laura Dockrill's Romeo and Juliet

Watch 'Star Cross’d' (Duration 04:34). Poet, writer and illustrator Laura Dockrill’s contemporary take on Romeo and Juliet.

SBTV presents Twelfth Night

Watch a modern re-imagination of Twelfth Night by SBTV, featuring artists: Eyez, Mic Righteous, Maverick Sabre, Nolay, Nego True and Harry Love. (Duration: 07:38 minutes)

Maxine Peake as Hamlet

Desire. Murder. Revenge. Maxine Peake as Hamlet will screen in 2016. Watch the trailer here.

Ophelia con un vestido blanco, con cabello rojo flotante sumergida en agua

Shakespeare Lives in Photography

Check out the winners of the Shakespeare Lives in Photography competition.

Shakespeare on Film - touring collection

Look out for Shakespeare films, old and new, screening internationally and online in 2016. Watch the trailer (Duration: 01:53 minutes)

niña con flores proyectadas en su rostro

Shakespeare Lives in science

Shakespeare Lives in Science; poisons, potions and drugs. Do Shakespearean concoctions really work?