Let’s talk about our development

I don’t know where to start; what can I do? I can’t do it alone; who can help me develop? I’m too busy; I don’t have time to go to workshops and conferences. My school doesn’t do it; you just have to do it alone.

These are some responses I got when I asked teachers about professional development in their context. Many times professional development was viewed by these teachers and their institutions as something that was done by attending or leading an event or doing formal research of some kind.

With so many perceived barriers it can be hard to just get started on our development. In this talk we will explore some ways we can get off the ground quickly with easy to implement, practical approaches. We will also look at ways we can put conversation and collaboration at the heart of development.

We will hear some insider accounts showing how teachers from around the world got started by taking small steps to develop their teaching practice.

Each teacher’s story will help us to see how we can take action that is positive, manageable and experimental, without being time consuming or large scale.

About the lecturer

Nicola Meldrum is a teacher, teacher trainer and writer living in Barcelona. She has been involved in ELT since 1999. She currently runs a Trinity Dip TESOL course in Barcelona with OxfordTEFL and combines teacher training with writing and teaching English to adults. Nicola’s areas of interest include action research, teacher roles and teacher talk, professional development and the role of learners in teacher training.

Her publications include various teachers’ books and resources, methodology articles for The Teacher Trainer Journal, onestopenglish.com and teachingenglish.org and teacher development lessons for iTDi.