Graphic BBELT TR SIG group of people laughing in a classroom

The BBELT TR-SIG is a community of practice of English Language Teaching professionals interested in sharing and exploring different topics related to teacher-research. It was first launched at BBELT 2020, the British Council Mexico’s international conference that seeks to contribute to teachers’ professional development every year. 

 The purpose of the SIG is to offer continuous professional development opportunities by having their members engage in research but, more importantly, give visibility to classroom teachers who do research and encourage others to perceive it as an opportunity to reflect and improve everyday teaching practices.

Committee members and roles.

1. Sergio Durand – Coordinator.

2. Claudia Morales - Deputy Coordinator.

3. Omar Rugerio – Online Events Coordinator. 

4. Haydeé Tamara Sánchez – Face to Face Events Coordinator.

5. Laura Saggert – Newsletter Editor.

6. Elias Chio – Newsletter Editor. 

7. Alejandra de la Rocha – Social Media Manager.

If you are interested in being part of the SIG, please, contact us at:



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