Imagen fondo blanco con logo del British Council y el texto Teaching for success, providing governments qith the expretise to transform teaching and learning in education systems

Teaching for Success

We work with governments and agencies to understand your priorities and the needs of your teachers and learners. We collaborate on the design of continuing professional development programmes and systems which meet your requirements and are matched to your local context. We work with other UK organisations to bring you the widest range of expertise.

Our approach

Our goal is quality in the classroom, where teachers are competent, knowledgeable, highly motivated, committed to their profession, and able to innovate and to achieve the best for their learners.

The British Council brings its global professional expertise to create sustainable teacher development solutions which:

  • Build local continuing professional development systems and the human resource to maintain them.
  • Meet identified teacher needs and government priorities.
  • Have a positive and lasting impact on quality in the classroom.
  • Manage the factors across the whole education system that impact on achieving the goals for teacher development and quality in the classroom.
  • Embed equality, diversity and inclusion at every level.
  • Make the most effective use of technology for learning.

Continuing professional development for teachers

Continuing professional development (CPD) is at the heart of the Teaching for Success approach. Evidence shows:

  • Improving the quality of teaching has the most impact on improving the outcomes of learners.
  • CPD is the most effective way is the most effective way to improve the quality of teaching.

CPD is a planned, continuous and lifelong process. Through it, teachers develop their personal and professional qualities, and improve their knowledge, skills and practice. This improves their professional autonomy, their performance in the classroom and the development of their organisation and their learners.

Teaching for Success provides governments and agencies with everything you need to put this in place.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teachers is the organising principle of Teaching for Success. It represents our global understanding of, and expertise in, teaching and teacher development. Our services and resources for the teaching of English language and other school subjects are all mapped to our CPD Framework and provide clear pathways for the development of teachers.

Our CPD Framework for teachers has the following features:

  • 12 professional practices represent the knowledge and skills a teacher needs.
  • Each professional practice is described in detail by a list of elements.
  • Teachers’ knowledge and skills in each professional practice is shown through four stages of development:

Awareness: you have heard of the professional practice.

Understanding: you know what the professional practice means and why it’s important.

Engagement: you demonstrate competency in this professional practice at work.

Integration: you demonstrate a high level of competency in this professional practice and it consistently informs what you do at work. 

Our CPD Framework for teachers provides access to:

  • Self-assessment for teachers of their knowledge and skills.
  • English language level assessment (using our Aptis test).
  • Benchmarking of teachers’ English language skills.
  • Analysis of teachers’ needs for our clients.
  • Our large CPD portfolio of modular training and development materials for English language teaching and other subjects.
  • Assessment of impact of professional development.
  • Our Teacher Educator’s Framework and the preparation and development of teacher trainers and online moderators