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About the programme 

Cultural festivals symbolise cultural identities and have a significant and important influence on the development of local communities, as well as a positive impact on the local economy. Through the open call: Cultura Circular, we will offer grants in Mexico, and Perú to support local Festivals through the development of collaborations with the UK that will necessarily result in public showcases within key themes and art forms.  

In addition to the grant scheme for local festivals, the programme considers a Sustainability Mentoring Programme for Festival Practitioners, an online mentoring programme which aims to offer a better sense of knowledge and experience of cultural sustainability best practices to provide the grantees with support, guidance and capacity building to develop a transformational behaviour change, as well as to have climate action conversations across cultural projects.  

Number of beneficiaries festivals per country: 

  • Mexico – 7  
  • Brazil – 6  
  • Perú – 2 


The British Council invites proposals from UK suppliers with a solid experience in international online training to design and facilitate the methodology and content for the regional programme that consists of an online mentoring scheme focused on sustainable management competencies and a capacity-building training.The scope of the programme includes: 

  • Online mentoring scheme: Design the international online mentoring scheme combining mentoring, networking, and other capacity-building activities such as conferences and panels. 
  • Creation of final report compiling insights from the three countries with information gathered during the programme, including monitoring and evaluation plan, recommendations for future cultural sustainable work and festival deliverable outcome. 
  • Networking sessions between the three countries’ Festivals beneficiaries. 

The deliverables include: 

  • Design and deliver an online mentoring scheme for up to 15 festivals (Mexico, Brazil and Peru) to fulfil the objectives described. Including 1 networking session with UK practitioners and 1 capacity-building activity. It is desired for the partner to invite external sector experts. 
  1. Coordinate and produce the activities, including managing platforms (e.g., Zoom)  
  2. Translation, if needed considering language barriers (English, Spanish and Portuguese). 
  • Submission of a final report. This report will be used by the British Council for further publications. This report will include: 
  1. Insights on the state of the festival practitioners aligned to SDGs 
  2. M&E data previously agreed with the British Council team  
  3. Recommendations for cultural sustainable practices based on the insights from the mentoring sessions and schemes aligned to SDG’s 
  • 2 regional networking sessions with Mexico, Brazil, Peru beneficiaries and UK partner.  
  • Public-facing participation in 2 sessions on related events. 
  • Recorded register of online sessions to be used for promotional videos. 
  • Regular meetings with the British Council team via Microsoft Teams and/or email for content development. 


Maximum budget of £45,500 GBP including VAT

*Extended deadline to September 26,2022*



ITT Issued to bidding suppliers  July 18, 2022
Online Q&A session with potential applicants w/c September 5, 2022
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline) September 13, 2022
British Council to respond to clarification questions  September 19, 2022
Deadline for submission of RFP responses by potential suppliers (Response Deadline) September 26, 2022
Final Decision w/c October 10, 2022
Contract start date  w/c October 10, 2022

The call reference number is: BC /02476

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