Here at the British Council we are always open to your suggestions, complaints or any feedback about our services. We will take any comment seriously and welcome them as a way to improve our service to you.

How to make a suggestion/complaint:

Whilst it is possible to make a suggestion or complaint verbally, we would prefer to have it in written form. This ensures that the comment can be documented and acted upon.

You can leave your comments via the following methods:

Option 1

By sending us a message via our online form.

Option 2

We have a suggestion box in our reception. Simply write your suggestion or complaint on the card and post it in the box provided.

Option 3

Write your comment and pass it to any member of our customer services team.

Option 4

Talk to your teacher, they will be happy to hear your comments. They will pass the comment on to the relevant person. 

We will endeavour to respond to all complaints within three working days. 

We really appreciate your feedback and hope that together we can continue to improve your experience at the British Council.