Programme name: HE Internationalisation

Countries: Brazil, Mexico, UK

Partner: International Association of Universities (IAU)

Create a framework of solutions for significantly improving your university’s international profile and reputation.

In Brazil and Mexico we are working with leading universities to implement a model for internationalisation based on four strands of development: 

  1. Establishing the key criteria for internationalisation, the current university standing and the strategy for improving that international standing (in partnership with the IAU).
  2. Implementing a range of activities and projects to improve international reputation including early career researcher training, international partnerships, global student cultures, and extending English as a medium of instruction.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating the success of these activities against developing national and institutional priorities.
  4. Establishing a sustainable structure and systems for continual internationalisation.

University internationalisation is therefore aligned to the mission of the institution, ranging beyond limited mobility and international curriculum into a broad set of cultural activities and experiences that embed global citizenship and international knowledge perspectives into the institutional profile. The intended outcomes of this approach are to raise international citation rates, increase global enrolments and embed international teaching and research practices and networking – all in partnership with the best of UK and international higher education.

This comprehensive, collaborative, and institutionally aligned approach has been recognised at both university and government levels as the most valuable way of embedding internationalisation.

‘As you know we have many companies offering proposals (QS, Thomas Reuters, etc.), but I have always seen our official partnership that we signed with the British Council as the way to get things done.’

Liane Hentschke, Director of International Liaison, CNPq Brazil.

If you are a university manager or member of a government education department, and wish to join other successful universities as part of this British Council led initiative in your country, please contact us.