Graphic Champion Teachers Mexico book cover

The Champion Teachers Programme is an exciting initiative by the British Council to help teachers improve their skills through continuing professional development in the area of research. The aim of the programme is to promote specific research skills to be able to understand the students’ academic needs, identify solutions and implement change supported by informed decisions. This book is the result of 12 months’ hard work by a group of teacher trainers (Formadores de Inglés) from Estado de Mexico. For the first time in Mexico, teacher trainers in Teacher Training Colleges (Escuelas Normales) in the public education system have experimented with Exploratory Action Research (EAR) under the guidance of experts in the field and they have reported their findings in a systematic way for publication.

Their experiences will no doubt be of great interest to anyone connected with the profession and will positively impact the work that Teacher Colleges do in the development of Basic Education teachers who are majoring in English Language Teaching. What these teacher trainers have done is extraordinary, and as such they truly deserve the title ‘Champion Teachers’.

The publication is free to download below.