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Transitioning to online and hybrid teaching has completely shaken up English language teaching. With the future of how education will continue to take place uncertain, it’s important to reflect on what has been learnt and consider how we intend to go forward as teachers. This webinar will focus on the new skills that are needed to teach remotely or a combination of online and face-to-face (F2F). Technology will continue to play a central role in ELT, so we educators, coordinators and managers need to modify the way we drive forward our CPD (continuous professional development) by relying less on F2F training and courses. Speaking generally, there are also fewer CPD funding opportunities. This webinar will review different methods of developing teaching while on the job, such as online action research, teacher-led online training, and mentoring and coaching.
About the Speaker:
Milton Bradbury is the Senior Teacher for adult courses at British Council Mexico. He has been in ELT for over 10 years working as a teacher, teacher trainer, and is now working as an academic manager of adult courses. His main interests in ELT include technology, assessment and teacher training.