Ángel Santamaria, Director for Bilateral Relations at  the Mexican Ministry of Public Education

Ángel Santamaria

He works as the Director for Bilateral Relations at  the Mexican Ministry of Public Education. He also manages the government strategy for access and integration to schools of deportees and returnees that want to continue with their education. He has also completed volunteer work with vulnerable communities in Queretaro, México and in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and worked as an English and Spanish teacher for the Latino community in Torino, Italy.

Diego Humberto Mendiburu - Leads Fáctico, a technology start-up that promotes freedom, FLC 2017

Diego Humberto Mendiburu Contreras

He leads Fáctico, a technology start-up that develops projects to promote freedom of speech and citizen engagement. Diego also oversees development of Ligue Politico, a Tinder-like app that seeks to promote voting among young people; and Escudo Ciudadano, an app to find and evaluate Public Prosecutor’s Offices. Diego was previously a full-time reporter at investigative journalism magazine EMEEQUIS and oversaw the promotion of the London 2012 Olympic Games as press officer in Mexico City.

Karina Izquierdo, architect and Planning consultant

Karina Izquierdo

She is an architect interested on public policies for sustainable urban development. She worked in Argentina as part of the International Experience Buenos Aires programme within the Ministry of Urban Development, and worked in China as project architect for urban renewal and environmental regeneration interventions. Her current role is Architect and Planning consultant in Mexico City.  Karina believes that solutions for sustainable development lie in the way we conceive and live in our cities.

Miguel Mendivil Roiz - Adviser for international security at the PM of Mexico to the UN, FLC 2017

Miguel Mendivil Roiz

He works as an adviser for disarmament and international security at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN.  In 2014, he was one of four Mexican Youth Delegates to the UN General Assembly and also participated in the Young Diplomats Forum 2014, held in Querétaro, Mexico. He has been involved in projects from volunteering activities to founding an NGO dedicated to the implementation of Agenda 2030. For Miguel all global change comes from local awareness, engagement, and empowerment.