Carla Márquez Muñoz, researcher and clinical psychologist, FLCR for Mexico 2018

Carla Márquez Muñoz

She is a researcher and clinical psychologist. She is a member of the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies. She is PhD candidate in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, her dissertation considered the role of maternal sensitivity and a genetic factor in autism spectrum disorder. She obtained an MSc degree by University College London, Anna Freud Centre and Yale University. Carla’s vision for global change is an effective policy to address youngster’s mental health. 

Francisco Javier Varela Sandoval -Deputy Gen. Dir. of Economic Analysis at the Secretariat of Health

Francisco Javier Varela Sandoval

He is Deputy General Director of Economic Analysis at the Secretariat of Health. Francisco also worked at the President’s Office and at the National Transparency Institute. He earned two bachelor’s degrees from Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology and  he holds a master’s from Princeton University. His vision for global change is the promotion of a new generation of young public servants who are technically equipped and socially committed. 

Greta Lucero Ríos Téllez Sill - Founder of Ollin, Representatives for Mexico, FLC 2018

Greta Lucero Ríos Téllez Sill

She is the founder of Ollin, an NGO focused on encouraging young people to vote. She was an intern at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN. She worked for the Mexican Ministry of the Interior. Greta was keynote speaker at the First Global Forum on Youth Policy, and was a speaker for the Mexico City Youth TEDx Talks. In 2017 she joined the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. Greta’s vision for global change is the consolidation and strengthening of youth through active citizenship.

Sofía Flores Fuentes - Head of information  at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, FLC 2018

Sofía Flores Fuentes

She is head of information  at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine. Additionally, she is a lecturer at the Faculty of Science in the National Autonomous University of Mexico in History, Philosophy, and Science Communication. Sofia believes that critical analysis, skepticism and evidence-based decisions are cognitive values that give life quality to societies. Sofia’s vision for global change is to build an informed and sustained future for the people through scientific knowledge.