What do we do?

By bringing together communities from different disciplines and sectors into high-quality collaborations, the British Council aims to build binational projects centred on overcoming relevant socio-economic development challenges. 

How do we achieve this?

Through our programme, Higher Education Alliances, which supports the articulation of global networks and the diversification of internationalization schemes. Having access to international expertise will allow the development of a more comprehensive Higher Education strategy and the promotion of partnerships for long term collaborations. 


  • Establish links, or significantly develop existing links, between Mexican Higher Education Institutions and UK institutions with the potential for longer term sustainable collaborations. 
  • Focus on activities which have relevance to the Higher Education Institutions global strategy.
  • Support the development of bilateral projects aimed to achieve a specific regional development goal in Mexico. 
  • Promote the inclusion of Higher Education Institutions in a wider regional development agenda. 
  • Contribute to capacity building of participants.  


This programme was first designed in 2017 to establish Mexico – UK institutional links beyond the individual level, to open opportunities for more sustainable academia collaborations for regional development, engaging with government, the private and the third sector, among others. 

Our call for applications is open until July 14!