From 16 to 20 January 2017 the workshop Critical Medical Anthropology: making it work for policy, wellbeing and welfare took place in Oaxaca, Mexico. The event was led by Dr. Jennie Gamlin and Dr. Sahra Gibbon from University College London (UCL) and Dr. Lina Rosa Berrio and Dr. Paola Sesia from the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS). 

The workshop aimed to improve public health services in Mexico, especially for those individuals in poverty and in indigenous communities. The Mexican government was urgent to take into account their needs, lifestyles and cultural heritage. The workshop attracted 40 researchers from different disciplines. Issues under discussion included themes of maternal health, mental health and emotions, chronic diseases and critical engagement with science. The main outcome is a manual on public policy which will help to put medical anthropological research into practice and support health campaigns in Oaxaca. The manual is under edition and will be published this year. 

Working together across different disciplines can help to change public policy on healthcare in the long-term. The promotion of bi-national research collaborations is extremely valuable to bring together institutions and individuals from Mexico and the UK to work on specific projects that will benefit the vulnerable populations.

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