The Action Research Award Scheme (ARAS), which is sponsored by British Council Aptis, aims to support the development of teacher-research* in English language education in Latin America via funding for teacher-research groups, individual teacher-research awards, and organization of an annual teacher-research conference, to be held in a different Latin American location each year. This conference will be a focal point for the promotion of teacher-research across Latin America.

*teacher-research = research initiated and carried out by teachers into issues of importance to them in their own work


Specific goals of ARAS are to:

  • Empower teachers and groups of teachers who win an award by supporting their teacher-research projects, with a particular focus on primary and secondary school teachers and teacher trainees in state schools.
  • Enhance the development of teacher-research in Latin America more broadly, and in a sustainable fashion, including via support for teacher-research groups, via support for an annual conference, and via development of an alumni community of those who have received ARAS support.
  • Contribute to the development of contextually appropriate English teaching methodology in Latin America via awardees’ conference presentations and written reports.
  • Help develop a Latin American network / community in regard to language teaching issues, with a specific focus on teacher-research.