During 2016 we celebrated Shakespeare´s works and his influence on culture, education, and society on the 400th anniversary of his death.  BBELT provided a privileged forum to discuss and analyse the role and relevance of English in the world today, and its implication for language teachers.

BBELT 2016: To teach or not to teach addressed crucial discussion topics in ELT such as the conceptualization of English as lingua franca (and its impact on teacher training, materials development, syllabus design) fostering independent learning, teaching vs couching promoting teaching development, using literature in the classroom, equality and diversity in education, amongst others.

We thank all of our speakers who contributed: seven plenary sessions, a theatre play, a cinema club with films adapted from inspired by Shakespeare´s work; amongst more than 70 talks and workshops to choose.

We are delighted to share extracts of our conference BBELT 2016: To teach or not to teach.

Enjoy these stories!