In 2017 we were celebrating the 5th anniversary of BBELT in its present format; we are proud to have provided -for five years in a row - a space for thousands of ELT professionals to learn, share and network and even prouder to still be teachers’ favourite!

This year’s theme, The Truth about Teaching, we explored the many and varied beliefs, facts, myths and realities of our profession. On this edition, we offered to teachers enough inspiration to (re)discover and (re)interpret their own professional truths. We also offered two exciting and action-packed days of talks and workshops delivered by experts flying in from Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to all the speakers in advance for generously sharing their knowledge and experience an to our sponsors for their support and commitment to our shared goals.

As always, all our thanks to you, the teachers, for making BBELT the best event for teachers. We hope you have found the conference a nourishing and enjoyable experience on both a professional and personal level.

We are delighted to share extracts of our conference BBELT 2017: The Truth about Teaching.

Enjoy these stories!