Programme name: Researcher Links

Countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico

Partner: UK universities

Researcher Links – an overview

Build the strength of your early career researchers and network your mature research teams through our Researcher Links programme in Mexico, Colombia or Brazil.

We work in partnership with research agencies globally to develop early career and mature researchers through joint projects between the country and the UK’s university researchers.

So join with a UK university to propose a research project. We will arrange fully funded training and networking sessions in your country to develop researchers and establish partnership networks – which you and your UK partner will lead.  You may also receive a support grant award to develop your project and extend your partnership.

Researcher Links in Mexico 2013 – 2015

Partner: CONACyT

Outcome: Currently in progress but already 27 joint UK partnership projects successfully submitted in Mexico and 58 in Brazil.

In Mexico, we joined forces with the science funding agency, CONACyT, to offer researchers the chance to develop new innovative projects in partnership with UK universities, providing a series of fully funded training and development sessions in Mexico led by joint research teams in areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology and health sciences among others.

More than 25 joint projects were submitted in the first few weeks of the scheme, and whilst the top five are being rewarded with fully funded training research development sessions in Mexico, attended by up to 30 researchers each time, all the other recommended projects will also receive support for further development.

The scheme will run for at least two years, developing and strengthening confidence and capability for over 1000 researchers, and supporting 10 innovative premier collaborative research projects.

“This programme with the British Council is extremely important in driving forward our agendas for  developing young researchers and their international links, as well as wider international collaboration. This agreement will provide major opportunities for much greater links with the UK.”

Dr. Julia Tagüeña, CONACyT’s Assistant Director for Scientific Development

Contact us to create your own Researcher Links programme

If you are a researcher and want to take part in these schemes or an institution wanting to establish your own national scheme with the British Council to build and extend the research strength in your country, please contact us.