Programme name: Connecting Classrooms

Countries: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, UK

Partner: Schools globally

Connecting Classrooms – an overview

Join our global community of over 40,000 schools whose international partnerships are opening exciting opportunities to teach and learn about different cultures in stimulating ways. 

We connect schools internationally through partnerships and curriculum focused projects to develop young people’s global awareness and the skills they will need to live and work as citizens of the world. Through the British Council Schools Online portal, we help teachers around the world find a partner school and resources to develop curriculum-relevant projects. We also offer opportunities for teachers to visit their partner school and host a return visit. 

Connecting Classrooms in Argentina

In Argentina, the Escuela Ejército de los Andes has a partnership with Whitehall Junior School in the United Kingdom. This link presented both schools with an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills by devising a project in which they explored multi-culturalism in both countries. 

Valentina García, the English language teacher at the school in Argentina, said, “The students and staff were delighted to learn a new language and showed much curiosity and enthusiasm. They organised monthly videoconferences during which all students were able to ask their counterparts in the other country questions and interact in a very productive way. This showed how much technology can assist and motivate learning.” 

Valentina also visited Whitehall Junior School. “During my stay I was able to experience many different teaching approaches, styles and techniques that have definitely improved my own. Connecting Classrooms has created bonds of friendship and cultural ties between our schools, our communities, cities and countries.” In October 2013 Valentina’s twin teacher, Joanna Nightingale, visited the school in Buenos Aires.

Like Valentina García and Joanna Nightingale, thousands of young people and teachers are already sharing the best of their own cultures with their peers around the world. Why not join them in this unique international learning experience? 

For more information about the Connecting Classrooms project, please contact the relevant British Council office.