Research on motivation has brought light on how effective factors may impact learning and education. Also, there have been investigations on how teachers’ attitudes and discourse may influence learners’ progress in communicating in a foreign language. From a similar perspective, teachers’ motivation has also been studied to better understand how it contributes to effectiveness in the classroom and to empower the teaching profession.

In this presentation, theory (e.g. Arnold, 1999; Dörnyei, Henry & Muir, 2016) and practice about the potential of teacher and learner motivation, affective learning and their impact on language learning will be considered in the discussion. In this talk, we will delve into data on motivation and affect in language teaching to explore how teaching, teacher motivation and discourse may inspire learning and provoke change to positively transform the world.

We will also debate teacher development and how it affects learning and motivation in the classroom, and analyze teaching approaches and contexts in which the social emotional skills have been emphasized. This will finally lead the presentation towards an overview of perspectives that may bring attendees’ insight on how teaching and the work on motivation may inspire change inside and outside the classroom environment and transform the educational context with innovative techniques.

About the speaker

Marcela Cintra has been working with English language teaching in a variety of contexts for 24 years. She has a BA in Language and Literature from the University of São Paulo and an MA in TESOL from the University of Nottingham. She is currently the Product Manager in the Academic Area at Cultura Inglesa São Paulo. She has been involved in course development, teacher training and development programmes and educational research groups for innovation. Her main areas of interest and research are affective learning, teacher and learner motivation, teacher development, bilingual education, and the impact of teacher appraisal and feedback on lesson quality. Marcela has presented research and practice oriented papers in LABCI, BRAZ-TESOL, TESOL and IATEFL conferences. She is a CELTA, ICELT and Delta tutor in Brazil.

She is also the current first-vice president for BRAZ-TESOL, president-elect for 2021-2022.