Find out what some of our students say about learning with us:

"I was originally in Pre-intermediate 2 but now I am in Intermediate 3, so I am very happy with what I am achieving! I hope to keep studying English at the British Council and progress all the way to Advanced. I would like to prepare for and take IELTS here when I am ready, as this will help me with my future career." - Student from Intermediate 3

"Before I started my classes here I was so scared to speak because I had very a low level. I have finished the Basics level and I am starting in Pre-Intermediate 1 - I have learnt so much! I now understand what people say to me, and I am much more confident when I communicate in English." - Student from Intermediate 1

"I need English for work, travel and other reasons. I started studying at the British Council because I want to rely less on my translator. I have studied here for three terms and I attend all the myClub sessions I can! I have noticed a big improvement in my ability to speak but I am committed to staying and studying until I speak English even better!" - Student from Speaking Skills