What is Aptis for CENNI? 

The Mexican Ministry of Public Education has a programme that seeks to establish a national framework of reference for language assessment and certification, aiming to raise the quality of education in this area, especially in the teaching of English as a foreign language.

As a result of this programme, the National Language Level Certification (CENNI), was created. CENNI is a document that provides a reliable and objective reference to the level of knowledge of a given language, both in general and specifically for the different language skills.

What is the difference between Aptis for CENNI and other Aptis variants?

The only difference lies in the security measures at the time of administering the exam. This means that the Aptis for CENNI test has a different registration process, as well as standardised measures which are rigorously observed by the British Council and its network of distributors.

The Aptis test variant for obtaining CENNI is Aptis General. This means that the test format and the preparation material is suitable for the CENNI Aptis candidate. Unlike a regular Aptis test, the Aptis certificate for CENNI will display "CENNI RESULT" in red and will have the numerical score corresponding to the average of the four language skills. 

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