About the programme

The Sustainable Cultural Management Programme is a 15-hour online capacity-building programme that aims to provide festival practitioners with tools for developing sustainable practices on the job, as well as to reflect on how to make an impact and have climate justice conversations across cultural projects. The online programme will combine a workshop to support 25 participants in their practices with a sustainable approach, as well as complementing the programme with a monitoring framework. Additionally, the creation of a toolkit that can serve as a useful resource for these ends will be another asset to add value to the programme.  

This programme will be delivered to the beneficiaries of the Cultura Circular Fund -- a grant scheme for the development of sustainable festivals in Mexico, following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This programme is one of the many activities delivered by the British Council Climate Connection initiative, in the context of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), to be held in the city of Glasgow in November 2021.  

Overall programme objective

To strengthen the development, knowledge, and expertise of Mexican festivals by promoting a sustainable cultural approach that can trigger a change in attitudes, narratives, and practices making an impact in the climate change movement. 

Specific programme objectives  

  • Obtain management competencies for developing a sustainable practice on the job (e.g., carbon emissions, climate impact, green providers, etc). 
  • Explore diverse ways in which festival practitioners can have climate justice conversations while exercising and influencing leadership to make an impact across culture.
  • Explore and learn methodologies for generating the development of local and national festivals in Mexico sustainably, while resolving general or regional environmental challenges on festivals management.
  • Propose a sustainable festival management model for Mexican festivals based on the need of the participants. 

The opportunity

The British Council invites proposals from UK suppliers to design and facilitate the methodology and contents for an online programme focused on sustainable management competencies as well as a toolkit that will serve as a guide for festival practitioners to create cultural projects with a more sustainable approach. 

The scope of the programme includes:

  • Design the online programme as a collective learning experience combining knowledge, skills, and networks.
  • Design a toolkit that can then be used by participants in their programmes as well as by other festival practitioners outside the programme.
  • Coordinate and produce the online programme, including managing platforms (e.g., Zoom) and recording all sessions to have a register of the programme.
  • Creation of monitoring and evaluation tools that will later be implemented by the British Council team. 

The deliverables include:

  • Design and delivery an online training programme for festivals practitioners to fulfill the objectives described. 
  • Creation of a toolkit that can be used by festival practitioners for the development of their projects. This toolkit will be designed and published by the British Council under a public and free access creative commons license. 
  • Public-facing participation in 2 or 3 panel sessions on related events. 
  • Recorded register of all the online sessions. 
  • Awarding of certificates of completing the programme. 
  • Submission of a final report that includes the content of the overall training and the monitoring and evaluation for one-year follow-up of the participants as well as the list of resources for further information about the topics covered by the programme.

The maximum budget available is £18,500 GBP (VAT included). Proposals must include a pricing approach.


To submit a proposal for the opportunity please download and read the instructions included in the RFP pack. The pack includes the core RFP which covers specifications, deliverables and proposal guidance, and additional application annexes. 

The deadline for clarification questions is 30 August 23.59 GMT.

The deadline for proposals is 19 September 23.59 GMT.

Clarification questions and proposals should be sent to Alejandra.Montemayor@britishcouncil.org and Nancy.Sanchez@britishcouncil.org